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The Nick Williams Foundation

Helping Those in Need

Mission Statement

The Nick Williams Foundation Est. 2019

The Nick Williams Foundation was established in 2019, after the death of Nichols Grant Williams, to honour his memory and continue his legacy of generosity. In life, Nick was a beacon of generosity to family, neighbours, organizations, and strangers. He drew immense gratification from helping others and from giving freely of his time, material, and money to causes he deemed worthy. His family started this foundation as a vehicle to continue his good works.
This charitable foundation will facilitate dispersal of funds to causes in keeping with Nick’s values and passions. Typical organizations he supported would focus on the underprivileged, such as the Fuel Fund, or have a strong role in his community such as Summer Street Industries, St. Martha's Hospital and numerous local shelters.
The beneficiaries of the fund will be determined by the directors of the foundation by majority vote. In most circumstance, 5% of the capital resources of the foundation will be distributed among charitable organizations. The members of the foundation take no recompense from the foundation and give freely of their time and efforts to honour the memory Nick Williams - a beloved husband, father, friend and a pillar of his community.

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Helping Northern Nova Scotia

Improving the lives of less fortunate Northern Nova Scotians

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Honesty, Integrity and Good Judgement

Nick Williams

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PO Box 33
Merigomish, Nova Scotia

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